Nov 4, 2010

Hasbeen Watch

Some of Dollywood's orginal elites have been spotted back. From little old miss Style_Magazine (who has failed to bring anything besides a better styled look) to Star_Awards (which I hate to admit, has made a wonderful comeback with her magazine and award show) to fashionistas Isabella.Arci  & Noelle_Page (who are blogging again). These are just some of the latest elites who have made a grand return to the spotlight they once shared years ago.  Nice to see the old mix in with the new.  It definitely is the season of comebacks.Which hasbeen will be next?

xoxo Dolly Woods

Dolly Dishes

Dolly's back. After a much needed break, I'm ready to return to claim my throne in the gossip world of Dollywood. Watch out, I'm coming in full force.

xoxo Dolly Woods