Aug 20, 2010

M quits DG.

Bye-bye M.
Finurlove, we all saw it coming dear. After months of failed attempts to keep Dioguardi Group alive, Maggie finally took the plunge and quit her job has owner of the group. DG was going nowhere when Maggie first stepped in, now that she's gone it has a slight better chance to pave it's way back to the top. Too bad Maggie still plans to manage Dioguardi Couture. Let's see how long that last...

xoxo Dolly Woods


  1. ^Oh M, you should use that advice for youself dear.

  2. Me leaving D was a way to get back to my life, you on the other hand dont have one :D

  3. I stand by M. You don't have a life. Go on, keep posting nonsense about the elites of stardoll in a negative way. That's gonna get you somewhere.